Alka Reef+, alkalinity maintenance for reef aquariums

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Alka Reef+ maintains optimum levels of alkalinity in reef aquariums by supplying carbonate ions.

Helps to reduce the unwanted pH variations

Contains carbonate ions to maintain your aquarium at its optimum alkalinity level

It works with Calci Reef+, a calcium hydro-gel that slowly releases hydrogen carbonate ions into the water.

Alka Reef+ is gluconate free

In addition to carbonate ions (with Calci Reef +), the calcification reaction also uses up calcium

When should Alka Reef+ be used ?

When you have unwanted pH variations in your saltwater aquarium

The combination of Alka Reef+ and Calci Reef+ generates an ionic balance close to that of natural sea water in your tank

We therefore recommend that you add one ampoule of Calci Reef+

How to use Alka Reef+ ?

What volume ?What range ?What dosage for each product ?
0 to 120 litersStandard2 vials / week 
121 to 240 litersStandard4 vials / week
241 to 360 litersStandard6 vials / week
361 to 480 litersStandard8 vials / week
481 to 600 litersStandard10 vials / week
601 to ... ... litersStandard

add 1 vial every 120 liters

NB: You have to wait 1/2 h before adding Alka Reef+ and Calci Reef+

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