Aqua Betta, water conditioner and bacteria for Bettas

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Aqua Betta combines a water conditioner and bacteria in the same box in order to deliver the best water quality for your Bettas in cold water.

Combines Bett Activ et Aqua Bacter

One 12 vials box treats up to 180 liters (6 water changes)

 Bett Activ:

- adapts tap water 

- favours acclimatization of Bettas in their aquarium

- contributes the well-being of Bettas

 Aqua Bacter:

- composed of live bacterial strains adapted to cold water

- ensures an optimal bilogical filtration

- prevents the spread of filamentous algae

- contributes to the degradation of fish waste in cold water aquarium

- nitrates and nitrites (dangerous for Bettas) are reduced

When should Aqua Betta be used ?

When starting a cold water aquarium, use Aqua Betta to prepare tap water

When doing a water change use Aqua Betta to prepare tap water

How to use Aqua Betta?

Aquarium sizeDosage
0 à 30 liters1 Bett'Activ & 1 Aqua'Bacter
31 à 60 liters2 Bett'Activ & 2 Aqua'Bacter
61 à 90 liters3 Bett'Activ & 3 Aqua'Bacter

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